Equipment Catalogue

ALMA air, aerodynamic separators

Air separators are designed for cleaning and calibration, that is, the separation by weight and size of seeds of different crops: barley, wheat, oats, corn, millet, sunflower, peas, mustard, rice, soybean, sorghum, vetch, lupine, cumin, flax, seeds of grasses, rape, buckwheat, seeds of vegetables, gourds, beans.

Drum sifters

They are used for sifting various bulk materials.


Perforated screens (sieves) are designed to sort the crops into fractions.

Bucket elevators

They are designed to transport grain in a vertical plane.

Sack stitching machines

They are used for stitching fabric and paper sacks with bulk products.

DSP grain dryers

DSP-32, DSP-50 stationary open type grain dryers with the efficiency of 32 t/h, 50 t/h are designed to reduce the moisture content of the grain to a value that provides its long-term storage. They are applied at the grain receiving enterprises and installed on the grain receiving, cleaning and shipment production lines, as well as near elevators and warehouses. They refer to column-type grain dryers, i.e. drying of the grain, spilled through the sections, takes place owing to the supply of hot air flows through the section boxes.

Flow distributors

They are used to direct grain flow along one of the 6- 12 direction.


They are used to regulate the unloading/loading of grain and products of its processing into and out of containers.

Wetting equipment

It is designed to moisture grain.

Cyclone collectors

They are designed for air purification. The main purpose of the aspiration equipment is to prevent spreading of harmful particles, dust from the source into the work area air.

Reversing valves

They are designed to alter grain stream and products of its processing movement in gravity system.


Mill equipment

Mill equipment is the main link in grain processing into the flour of different sorts.

Cereal equipment

It is designed for cereals production.

Gravity equipment

It is used for moving various bulk materials, grain and products of its processing with the help of gravity systems.

Ventilating equipment

It is used for grain ventilating.

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